Christian Waugh

               Dr. Waugh is the director of the Emotional Adaptation and Psychophysiology lab (Emolab) at Wake Forest University. He is generally interested in the neural and psychophysiological underpinnings of emotions. He has specific interests in the temporal dynamics of emotional experiences, emotional resilience, and how positive emotions regulate stressful experiences.
Dr. Waugh can be reached at waughce(at)

        Sam Monfort

        Sam is a second-year masters student in the Emolab. Sam is interested in stress and emotion. Specifically, with the aspects of situations and of personalities that influence the severity and course of negative affect. His research with Dr. Waugh focuses on the factors that aid in the recovery from stress.



            Andrew Smiler

            Dr. Smiler is a collaborator in the Emolab. He studies how people define and live out "masculinity."  In the lab, his work examines how survey measures of masculinity are related to physiological displays of emotion.


Wojciech Kaczkowski

Wojciech is a second-year masters student in the Emolab.His research interests involve the fields of cognitive neuroscience and philosophy of mind, in particular the connection between biological substrates of mental processes and cognitive brain functions. In addition, he has experience in research on the topics of self-control, and the influence of social and situational factors in self-regulation of behavior and identity.

     Bradley Avery

Brad is an honors student in the Emolab. He is interested in the physiology of emotion, particularly the roles of stress and anxiety in changing the physiology of the neurological systems responsible for emotions.